Exploration. Reinvention. Empowerment.
Dr. Richard Haid Dick Haid is a certified professional adult mentor. He assists individual exploration of the third quarter of life and avidly promotes protirement.

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Personal Advisory Board

If you need help with clarifying your legacy, adult mentor Dick Haid suggests creating your own personal advisory board of diverse people who know and will champion you. They will ask you powerful questions and help you generate options.


Talk with Dr. Haid about how his mentoring can help you expand your life, hear more of you "music," and have more of your future than you may have only dreamt of having.

Workshops and Conferences

Doctoral Ministry Program
Spirituality and Aging: Enabling A Life of Significance
More information is available here and here.

Speaking Engagements
Would you like Dr. Haid to speak at your local university, college reunion, or workshop? Dr. Haid is currently booking speaking engagements across the United States, discussing various topics ranging from:

  • protirement
  • How to hear more of your own music
  • finding abundance in the third quarter of life
  • and much, much more...

Please contact Dr. Haid for further information. Dr. Haid's current engagements include the following:

Coaching Boomers & Beyond: Thriving Forward!
Serve your clients better. Learn how to help Boomers engage. Use special assessments. View this page for more information.

A Touching Poem
by Theresa S. Cox from 2004 class at Chautauqua (Microsoft Word format - 24KB Download) dedicated to Dr. Haid.

Recommended Reading

Third Quarter Card Sorts

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Denison University Alumni Workshop - Tapping Into the Abundance of the Third Quarter of Life and Extending This Abundance into Later Life
Update- The Denison University Alumni Reunion Workshop was a wonderful success. Click the above link for feedback and testimonials from attendees.